New Yorkers talk about 'The Village' Parisians
'Montmartre' in Cape Town we have the 'Bo Kaap'

Originally home to slaves from Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bali to name a few. Political exiles, convicts, skilled craftsmen, artisans, scholars, religious leaders, musicians and talented cooks all lived   side by side. Displaced from their homelands the slaves carried with them their religious beliefs, traditions and skills to create the vibrant Bo Kaap.

This vibrancy and eclectic mix of residence still exists today. The colourful houses of the Bo Kaap are home to Jazz Musicians, Artists, Sculptors, Photographers and of course Muslim families who's history extends back many generations.

Mosques stretch up regally amongst both old and new architecture.
The Muezzin can be heard in varying clarity throughout the day.
The call to prayer acting as a reminder to everyone what a unique, historical and valued district the Bo Kaap is to Cape Town. There
is much written of the Bo Kaap, however one of the best ways
to explore is to head out in sensible shoes (cobbled streets are old
and steep) and do what one resident advised "Look with the heart,
not just the eye”